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Vi and Albert

Vi and Albert will be celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary early next year and their family couldn’t be more proud. They decide to mark the occasion by commissioning a very special (and top secret) present for the happy couple: a montage, in words and pictures, that captures just how cherished, inspiring and important they are to those close to them.

Albert and Vi’s children begin to collect the photos; they ask me to help create the text.

We decide it is vital this is very much a collective experience and therefore that we’ll involve contributions from both them and their 4 children (Vi and Albert’s grandchildren): reflections that take into account how they all feel about this remarkable mainstay of their family, all that they admire about them and everything they want to thank them for, over the years.

It’s a really valuable chance for rare family time, as teenagers, twentysomethings and parents alike find themselves reminiscing together, putting into words an inheritance of love all too often taken for granted. There are a lot of funny stories to be told, but also wells of emotion that need to find their right way of expression too. It’s a truly life enhancing experience for all concerned.

Albert and Vi are presented with their beautiful album on the anniversary of their wedding, 60 years before. They can’t believe the great care that’s been taken with such an irreplaceable gift. It means more to them than any other gift ever could, or will.

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