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Valerie and Pen

Valerie, 30, and Pen, 32, have wanted to become parents together for as long as they can remember. Their route through adoption has not been easy, but now they know their son Marcus will be able to stay with them going forward, it’s time to celebrate.

A fabulous party is already in the planning, but Pen and Valerie would like a more permanent testament to their journey in becoming a family too: their very own private commission. They agree to involve members of both their families as well a trio of their closest friends who have been there for them throughout the process. Over time, they’ve also become close to Social Workers James and Gail and have asked them if they’d like to contribute as well.

Our aim is to create a narrative that helps Marcus make sense of his new family situation, which explains to him why he was wanted for so long and just how loved and cherished he is. This is also a welcome excuse for Valerie and Pen to make the time to take stock of all the recent changes that have happened in their lives, their challenges and accomplishments.

Their story becomes a touchstone for them all as soon as they first read it with Marcus a month after his adoption is confirmed. He loves to hear how things were before he arrived, the difference he has made and how his mums see their future as a family. It helps him know where he belongs.

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