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Sophie and Theo

Sophie, 41, and Theo, 50, have 4 children between them: baby Olive, born just 4 months ago and Sophie’s daughters Katie, 8, Harriet, 10, and Theo’s son Isaac, 5. As you can imagine, when all together it’s a busy household and while the children appear to have adapted well to their new family dynamic, there’s little time for reflection.

Theo and Sophie decide they would all benefit from a collective project: something they can all contribute to in their own ways and that encourages them to appreciate all the benefits of their extended family, as well as addressing any sticking points encountered along the way. They ask me to help them tell their story.

While Sophie and Theo mull some individual questions from me, as well as some shared, Sophie’s sister Norah volunteers to chat to Harriet and Sophie when they next visit their cousins and Isaac’s grandpa Derek agrees to do the same one Sunday afternoon.

Before long, we have input from every member and whilst there is a lot of common ground, it’s the individual viewpoints that make it truly theirs. By the final printing, we effectively have an exuberant, tender and honest scrapbook of family life: how proud mum and dad are of how everyone has coped; what Katie, Harriet and Isaac make of being brother and sisters and what the children are most looking forward to, once Olive has got a bit bigger.

Like them, it is so much more than the sum of its parts.

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