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Ruth and Nate

Ruth and Nate were two of the most beloved grandparents there can ever have been.

Having raised their four children (two daughters, Zoe and Genevieve and two sons, Christopher and Eli) they then went on to enjoy watching their family grow further, welcoming seven grandchildren in all and relishing every addition. Their passing has of course left a void in their family that has been impossible to fill, but their loved ones are only glad they got to create all the happy memories with them they did.

Much of this shared experience is that bit out of reach of Nate and Ruth’s youngest grandchildren and so Genna and Zoe decide that they’d like me to help them collect together as many funny anecdotes, cherished recollections and emotional tributes as we can, so that their children, nieces and nephew are able to ‘meet’ Nanna and Gramps anew.

This commission is very much a family affair and everyone gets to have their say, all answering the same select few questions but, as it turns out, in so many different ways. A vivid picture begins to emerge: of a strong marriage; lives shaped by hard work, loyalty and love and not forgetting character quirks aplenty that have inspired priceless stories told to this day.

When our finished text is ready, Ruth and Nate’s family get together for a read through. Their grandchildren find themselves turning to their story time and again. The hope is that one day, their children will do the same.

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