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Rick was a loving husband, father and brother and passed away from cancer last year, all too soon. He was 58. Understandably, his family and friends were devastated by this, and it has been a tough time as they have all had to try to come to terms, in their own ways, with their loss.

As the months have passed however, many have found great solace in sharing their memories with each other, tapping into happier times and finding ways to express to each other just how much Rick meant to them.

Realising the value of this process, Rick’s brother Mark decides to encourage the creation of a more permanent testimony: a commission ‘in memoriam’. He checks that Rick’s widow Marnie is happy for him to select some close family and friends for me to work with and we set about inviting those people to contribute if they’d like to, answering various simple questions. Weeks later, Marnie and her daughter Charlotte decide they’d also like to take part and soon we have an extraordinary store of loving recollection.

I then take all the different responses and interweave them, creating a wonderfully rich, authentic and ultimately joyful testament to Rick in the process. Mark is kindly happy to consult throughout and finally signs off on a text he feels does his remarkable brother justice. When they’re ready, he presents Marnie and Charlotte with the final version: a tale of love, life and friendship; a fitting tribute to a much loved man.

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