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Marissa and Paul

Marissa, 27, and Paul, 29, are expecting their first baby in 3 months. They are full of expectation, some nerves and so much happiness. Having heard them rave about the first session of 3 ‘Bump to Baby’ photo shoots, Marissa’s mum Teresa encourages them to think about a ‘Before and after’ private commission to match.

Paul and Marissa love the idea and before long are busy answering a mix of questions about their experiences of pregnancy, how they’re both feeling about becoming parents and exactly what they’re looking forward to most. With everything else going on, they find it so beneficial to take this time to talk together, understanding so much more about each other’s outlook in the process.

Since theirs will be the first grandchild in their families, I also involve Teresa as well as Paul’s parents, Kim and Ian. All three relish the prospect of sharing how proud, excited and hopeful they are.

Once we’ve gathered all the information I need to write the ‘Before’ section, we take a break while Baby L decides whether or not she’s ready to arrive. Just before we do, Marissa and Paul write her a short letter each, words they won’t share or see again until the final version of the text is ready.

2 weeks later and little Josie is here. Each contributor sends me a snapshot in words of how life is now so I can finish my piece. Together, we have created an extraordinary account of this family’s transformation.

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