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Lesley and Bryan

Lesley, 62, and Bryan, 65, feel a little ridiculous calling themselves ‘engaged’, if they’re honest. They’re delighted to be marrying, but they’d rather there wasn’t a song and dance about it. Since this is a second marriage for both (Bryan widowed; Lesley divorced) and having grown up children with families of their own, they wish their day be a celebration of them all, rather than just the two of them.

Their children understand but also want to ensure their romance isn’t lost in the happy melee. Bryan’s eldest, Delia, gets in touch and together we design an appropriate commission in honour of this special match: one that will celebrate who they are as a loving couple, as well as all they mean to their children and grandchildren.

We decide to just have family sources and that we’ll essentially have separate accounts of both Lesley and Bryan, to recognise the lives they lived before they met, and then a joint profile of who they are now.

The creation of the text has all kinds of positive side effects unanticipated: both sets of children find the process of reflection not only a lovely way of paying tribute to Bryan and Lesley, but also an opportunity to embrace their parents moving forward with their lives and a chance to understand their new step siblings even better.

As for the happy couple? Well they know ‘Lesley and Bryan – the story so far’ was a hit when Bryan quotes it in his wedding day speech.

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