You are a Humanist Celebrant, what does that mean?
My core business focuses on my designing, writing and leading bespoke non-religious Your Three Days ceremonies. Having enjoyed the ceremonies so much, more and more people have been asking me to write for them in other ways and this has led to the natural growth of the business into a consultancy service and bespoke commissions.

How much does it cost to hire you?
I price every commission individually and, if possible, offer flexible payment options, so just get in touch and we’ll crunch some numbers.

Will you include religious content in what you write?
No. I adhere to the same principles of content as I do in my ceremony work, focusing instead on the people I am writing about and for. All my writing is non-religious.

What form do the final versions of commissions take?
I leave any choosing, organisation and purchase of a final presentation copy of your commission to you. I simply provide the actual text. Some people take their commission text and create a photo book with it, others give theirs as gifts and one or two have even turned sections into artwork.

We love the photos on your site. Can you recommend any good photographers?
I really value all the relationships I have with so many fabulously talented photographers, so yes, it would be my pleasure. Photographers whose work is displayed on this site are listed here, but if you have a question about the source of a specific picture, just let me know: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; .