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Alice and Ben

Alice, 28, and Ben, 32, got engaged in Thailand on holiday and now they’re home, they’ve booked an engagement shoot to mark the moment with a photographer recommended by a friend. They also elect to separately commission a record of their relationship in words: who they are, how their relationship has evolved and all their forthcoming wedding means to them.

They agree they’d just like to work on this with me together, rather than involve family or friends, and so I begin gathering information from them, asking them to answer some questions individually (and privately) and to discuss some together. This means they won’t see some of each other’s responses until the final text is ready.

Using all their answers, I then craft the story of their love: a narrative full of life, fun and emotion.

Ben and Alice are absolutely delighted with the end result, but, along the way, they’ve also rather fallen in love with the process too: reflecting on all they mean to each other, talking about how they actually feel about this next big step and sharing their different hopes for their future. In fact, it’s become one of their favourite aspects of all their wedding preparation.

They decide to present their text in a beautifully bound photo book, kept next to the album that will soon hold their wedding pictures. Every anniversary, together they will read their story again and be reminded of where it all began, what it’s all about and, most importantly, why.

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