My ‘This is your life’ live events are really a culmination of all that I have learned as a professional writer and Celebrant, all the emotion I’ve witnessed and that my testimonials express.

Perhaps this is something you’d enjoy commissioning for yourself, for you and your partner, or maybe for someone you know who has a big birthday or anniversary coming up who you’d like to surprise. Either way, we would work together to create a wonderful celebration of your/their life/relationship so far, in ceremony form.

Using all the skills I’ve honed designing, writing and leading 250+ ceremonies of all different kinds, I would guide you through a process of gathering biographical information, selecting speakers and seamlessly interweaving information, designing a ceremony entirely appropriate to its subject.

On the day the end result might well be thought-provoking, fun and moving in all sorts of unexpected ways. It will certainly be a life affirming occasion nobody ever forgets.

Or perhaps you love the idea of the ‘This is your life’ commission, but you don’t actually want the ceremony to go with it. You’re keen to still experience the fascinating process of creating the record, but would then rather have it in a written form you can enjoy and share privately instead of a public presentation.

Together, we would gather a treasure trove of information, both personally and from other sources, even keeping some elements a surprise until the final drafting is done, but all the while working towards a delightful end result that brings your life, or the life of someone you love, to life on the page.