We all know how important it is to mark the milestones along the way of our lives: an engagement perhaps, a new arrival or a significant birthday or anniversary. A special trip, party or gift is often a wonderful way to embrace the moment, but how lasting a record does it leave? A bespoke commission, written in either your name, or that of a family member or friend, will always be there: for now, for all the years ahead, forever.

Inspired by the testimonials that speak to the 250+ bespoke ceremonies I’ve successfully designed, written and led so far, now you can commission me to create the writing but without the ceremony. I’ve called these commissions ‘Portraits in prose’ – you’ll find examples by clicking on each dropdown menu.

Together, we can create an enduring testimony to your love, your family and friends or your achievements in life through a process that would encourage you to reflect, share and appreciate all you have. That’s time and care worth taking for a once in a lifetime experience.